VodafoneFor the past twelve months the residents of north Norfolk have been getting a raw deal from Vodafone. Customers first reported problems with their mobile phone signal in Sheringham when the mast needed to be removed to an alternative location last October, and since the Christmas period signal problems have become widespread across the district with reports of problems in Beckham, Gresham, Mundesley, North Walsham, Cromer, and beyond.

If you’re at the end of your tether please tell the Labour Party your stories by Twitter and on our Facebook page.

To contact Vodafone customers are advised to email northnorfolk@help.vodafone.co.uk. Please help Vodafone by including an address and postcode. If you are making a compensation claim please be clear about dates when your phone has been unavailable. Customers can also call 08700 700 191. 

Urge Vodafone to take urgent action in north Norfolk

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1,168Steve WilsonNorwichI got permanent signal in Lanzarote ask them how they do it
1,167Nicola LambCromerRarely have a reception to make calls (especially at home) and messages can take upto 3 days to come through!
1,166James LongNorth walsham
1,165Rebecca DunkHellesdon
1,164Lee StokerBactonService has got significantly worse!
1,163janet cooper
1,162Maureen FabbThere is no signal in my area at all.
1,161Dean JonesSheringham
1,160Hannah NearneyNorwich
1,159stephen andrews
1,158Amanda LewisBeeston RegisNext to no signal for too long. For a big company it's a very bad show. Thank goodness for other networks and having a dual sim phone.
1,157Simon Ward
1,156Carla NevinAylsham
1,155Richard WhittinghamSheringhamUseless service and getting worse.
1,154David TottmanSheringham
1,153Natasha YaxleyNorth Walsham
1,152sallyann dewingnorth walsham
1,151Donna Harvey
1,150jake tylernorth walshamsignal is absolutely rubbish, have contacted vodafone on numerous occasions and they have said everytime that work may be being carried out in the area
1,149richard FranklinNorth Walsham
1,148tanya amiesnorfolkneeds to be sorted soon
1,147Dale GayferNorwich
1,146royston youngsheringhamcontract up in april 2014 roll on new provider on its way
1,145michelle jeckellnorthwalshamnot best pleased with my awful signal. feel tied in to a contract witch is next to useless!! please get it sorted!
1,144cara boamnorwich
1,143linda eversonnorwichno signal in reepham, norfolk,
1,142marnie raathnorth walshami work for phones 4u Norwich sis store but libe in north walsham ..and i can tell you vodafone i have been with you for 13 years and never even looked at other networks because vodafone has all ways had the best network covarage in norfolk untell the the 12 or so months where in north walsham and most of norfolk that i have customers every day wanting to cancel contracts with 12 month to go
1,141Amanda ArmitageNorth Walsham
1,140Nick GarlandNorth WalshamTerrible service, Poor signal for weeks on end yet their website and customer services tell you "there is not an issue in your area!!!"
1,139Josh LeswellSheringham
1,138George WilbrahamCromer
1,137Gary Dye
1,136Gemma Banthorpenorth walsham
1,135Chris LoukesSwanton AbbottOur signal at home intertmittent at best
1,134Mandy McKennaBanningham
1,133Chris Eversonhovetonwhat an absolute disgrace vodafone are
1,132rosie markwicknorwich
1,131tanya richardsonnorwich
1,130Sue Woodsnorfolk
1,129Trevor AndrewsI must have been with vodafone for around 20 years, what is dissapointing is the fact that they had the best signal for north norfolk up untill around xmas. since 3g was launched its been pathetic, on my own phone and works phone, when I ring they make out i'm an idiot and say there are no problems, with dozens of people that i know complaining surely they have worked out now that there is :/
1,128Siobhan SchofieldNorth walsham
1,127Daniel MyhillKnapton2G and 3G needs to be sorted out!
1,126Victoria LawrenceNorth WalshamI have phoned Vodafone to complain only to be told that there isn't a problem, when I said I obviously couldn't call when there was no signal they said they would pass my comments in to their tech team. They clearly didn't understand where I was & the persistent problems we keep having, so frustrating!
1,125Richard Mercer
1,124joe bloggs
1,123Naomi PurdyNorth Walsham
1,122Natasha ColmanNorth WalshamThe Vodafone service in North Walsham has slowly gotten worse. The 3G is a joke! How about 3G that works across Norfolk instead of the occasional town?
1,121Mary EmersonNorth WalshamI complained 4 years ago after moving here I had had full signal but after a few months I dropped out and barely get anything now.
1,120Kevin ColmanNorth WalshamBefore rolling out 4G how about getting everywhere on 3G?!?!?! Or even better a 3G signal with the bandwidth behind it to perform like one!
1,119Liz KilgallonNorfolkSick of no signal in my house


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